Beginning in May, Vanguard Title Agency was trying to forecast what the future will hold, which was difficult during this time of uncertainty. The Michigan stay at home order continued throughout the month of May, but the real estate and construction industries were allowed to re-open on May 7th. Immediately, we saw purchase numbers increase. We are excited to share some statistics regarding increases in purchases over the last year in the article below.
Thank you to all those working during this pandemic and especially to our team working from home. They have been rock stars! At Vanguard Title, we have increased our cleaning throughout the office to ensure the safety of our customers completing the closing process here with us. 
Additionally, we launched e-closing in March to provide additional closing options for our customers. We’ve made it so easy that you can close from the comfort of your home or location of your choice. We are hopeful that this virus continues to decline and that we can get others back to work too as we continue to see more businesses opening in the coming weeks. Stay cautious, stay safe!