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Protecting you from wire fraud by using CertifID

Vanguard | CertifID

A technology solution, to securely exchange wiring information and guarantee your transaction up to $1,000,000.

Vanguard is protecting you from wire fraud by using CertifID

Did you know that there have been over $90 billion in wire fraud attempts in just the past few years? And that banks are not liable for failing to stop these fraudsters?

Why are real estate transactions targeted? Because they are incredibly lucrative! Think about it, each real-estate transaction is, on average, worth $200,000.

And, they also involve multiple parties, all communicating electronically. It’s easy for the fraudster to find all the info they need through one hacked e-mail account.

Once the money is gone, it’s gone for good.

That’s why we at Vanguard Title have partnered with CertifID! This new process will eliminate the risk of wire fraud and offers protection for you and your customers.

At Vanguard, all wire information will be transmitted within the secure and easy to use CertifID platform. Vanguard Title will guide the buyer and seller through the process every step of the way.

We are excited to share this valuable service with you!


CertifID is the leading real-time identity verification software platform for real estate, mortgage, and title industry professionals. Its proprietary system protects business and consumers from fraud by quickly and effectively authenticating all parties in a transaction and securely transfers bank account information. CertifID can safeguard the life savings of buyers and the liquidity of businesses and guarantees each wire transfer up to $1,000,000. Learn more at

You will receive an email/text invite from CertifID

Easily review and confirm wiring instructions

Follow the directions to validate your device & identity

Act confidently with the information provided by CertifID

Icon - Emergency

A FINAL WARNING: Don’t be tricked at the last minute.

Fraudsters strike at the eleventh-hour with convincing strategies and techniques.

Do not trust any wiring information unless it comes through CertifID. This includes phone calls, emails, attachments, links, physical letters, etc. If wiring information does not automatically display to your device after you put in the unique code on CertifID, do not act! If you have questions, visit your title company in person or call them on a number that you get through a trusted internet search engine.