How innovative tools are improving the customer experience

Whether you’re a real estate professional, a lender, a home buyer, or a seller, one thing is certain — you maintain a very busy schedule. That’s why the title industry is embracing innovative technology that leads to faster, smoother, and, most importantly, error-free closings.

The time and effort involved in complex real estate transactions, along with the increasing demands of daily life, mean that title companies must adapt to the evolving needs of their customers. Now, more than ever, it’s essential to partner with a title company that understands your needs and offers an array of web-based solutions.

Vanguard Title Co. is rising to the challenge by staying on top of trends in technology that can simplify the closing process and track your transaction’s progress, while keeping your data secure. As part of our commitment to innovation, we offer mobile tools and online resources to ensure a smooth and seamless transaction, as well as adhere to federal and state consumer protection statutes.

Here’s how Vanguard is utilizing technology to improve the title insurance process for our valued partners and their clients:

  1. We protect you from wire fraud – At Vanguard, all wire information is transmitted within the secure and easy-to-use CertifID platform to eliminate the risk of wire fraud. CertifID is the leading real-time identity verification software platform for real estate, mortgage, and title industry professionals. Its proprietary system protects businesses and consumers from fraud by quickly and effectively authenticating all parties in a transaction, and securely transfers bank account information. CertifID can safeguard the life savings of buyers and the liquidity of businesses. Plus, it guarantees each wire transfer up to $1,000,000. Vanguard guides buyers and sellers through the CertifID process every step of the way. Learn more at
  2. We provide online rate quotes – Vanguard’s user-friendly Rate Calculator, at, makes it convenient to access title insurance rates any time. Simply enter the purchase price and loan amount, property type, and your name and email address to receive a policy premium quote. It’s that easy!
  3. We estimate closing costs quickly – Real estate professionals who partner with Vanguard have access to our dynamic VanguardAgent ONE mobile app. Real estate’s No. 1 closing cost app, VanguardAgent ONE lets agents quickly calculate the two numbers that buyers care about most: total monthly payment (PITI) and closing costs. In addition, agents can use the app to quickly run net sheets, letting their sellers know what they can expect to net, from anywhere in seconds. Plus, the app’s photo lenses, dynamic infographics, and consumer calculators can help professionals connect with clients and attract new prospects on social media. To sign up, visit
  4. We provide an enhanced closing experience – You keep track of a pizza in the process, so why not keep track of where your real estate transactions are? With the Vanguard Title Secure Portal, communication is enhanced among buyers, sellers, real estate professionals, and lenders. This web-based tool allows all parties to digitally interact with all of their transactions on any device, and provides a variety of features that help make closing simple. You can manage all your transactions in one place, facilitate document sharing, utilize electronic signing, and more. Your hub for all transactions in process, the platform enables seamless file sharing, information exchange, and document management, ensuring your closing process is both streamlined and safeguarded. It’s simple to register at

Vanguard takes pride in utilizing the latest title and closing technologies to help real estate professionals and their clients. We’ve successfully handled thousands of real estate transactions throughout the states of Michigan and Florida, and we keep the customer experience at the heart of our business. We’ve continued to add new tools and services to ensure a stress-free and seamless transaction, giving you technology that’s easy to use and provides you with peace of mind.

Be sure to reach out to your Vanguard account representative ( if you have any questions about our services, as we’re always here to help!

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