John Apostol

John Apostol serves as President and General Counsel to Vanguard Title.

He obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree from Michigan State University and his Juris Doctorate from the University of Detroit Law School, with a concentration in real estate law.

Before working at Vanguard Title, Apostol joined North American Title and founding partners, Richard Parsons and Michael Strat in 1988 as Chief Operations Officer. When North American Title merged with First American Title in 2000, Apostol became the Southeast Michigan Division’s COO and General Counsel.

At First American, Apostol helped forge a new, vibrant business atmosphere that returned focus to the needs of existing and new clients that migrated to First American.

In 2005, Apostol and the North American Title founding partners, Rick Parsons and Mike Strat, along with First American Title colleague Robert Considine united to establish Vanguard Title.