Joan Klein

Joan Klein dreamed of being in the title business since she was a little girl. However, It was not until she was 40 that she finally realized that dream.

Before starting kindergarten, she could speak 3 languages and had several years of dance and voice lessons under her belt. When not playing classical piano and violin, Joan performed on Broadway in several plays with many years traveling as the lead in Annie. After graduating from high school at 15, she headed to Hollywood in hopes of a career in TV or film. Within weeks of arriving in California, she landed the role of Emily, the 4th Charlie’s Angel.

Disappointment soon followed when the producers decided 3 Angels were enough. The next several years were spent on various long running TV shows and the Emmy awards began to fill her trophy case. Broadway called her back and the next decade was spent starring in such hits as Cats and Les Miserables, as the trophy case now began to fill with Tony Awards. Still there was something lacking in her life, that something she had dreamed about for years…Title Insurance.

A chance meeting at a celebrity black tie event would change her life – because also attending the event was Mike Strat, one of the co-owners and founding fathers of Vanguard Title. Joan knew this might be her only chance for true happiness and decided go for her dream. Mike took a chance on this Title neophyte and for almost 20 years now, she has lived her dream, serving customers in the post-closing area. With satisfaction, Joan now states she is “complete”.