For Sale By Owner Title

Successfully closing thousands of real estate transactions throughout the state of
Michigan since 1987. Personalized Service. Professional Results.

For those who are looking to venture out independently and take the home selling process into their own hands, we want to offer our support.

We cater directly to “For Sale By Owner” clients and gladly provide resources that can educate you on all pertinent information regarding the title and closing process.

Once you have secured a buyer for your home, we will help to ensure that your closing is a successful one. As a full-service, licensed Title Agent, we can assist you in closing your transaction by performing the following

Services on your behalf

  • Escrow all funds of buyers and sellers in a bank protected escrow account.
  • The preparation and review of the title commitment that will be provided to all parties.
  • Assistance in ordering payoffs, obtaining releases and other documents necessary to transfer title.
  • Assistance to Seller in preparation of Seller’s documents required to transfer title.
  • The disbursement of all funds to all parties.
  • Deliver all documents to the County Register of Deeds in a timely fashion.

For more information on our For Sale By Owner Services, please download our For Sale By Owner Program or contact us today at (248) 751-1000.